Alison Hartson 2018

Meet Alison

Alison_Hartson_Portrait_-_Center_-_Photo_by_RE_Casper_-_152338_cropped.jpgCalifornia Deserves a
Working-Class Leader


As our next United States Senator, Alison will help us move the progressive revolution from political activism to passing federal legislation that benefits the working class.

Alison understands that the American dream belongs to all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

California deserves a truly progressive senator who is unbeholden to wealthy donors and special interests, who understands the struggles of working people, who is committed to championing policies designed to protect people and our planet.

Alison Hartson is that leader.

Alison spent her professional career in the service of others and is dedicated to educating our youth, fighting for local communities, ending corruption and taking on the political establishment.

Alison began her career teaching high school students in the working-class community of Garden Grove, California. A decade of experience in the classroom allowed Alison to see firsthand the corrosive influence of money in politics and the two Americas it has created: one for the ultra rich, and one for everyone else.

Based on her experience inside the classroom and with her own family, Alison knows what a difference quality education, healthcare, and job security can make in a person's life. This compelled her to take direct political action outside the classroom.

As the National Director for Wolf-PAC, a political organization dedicated to passing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, Alison knows how to get things done. With her leadership, Wolf-PAC has successfully passed legislation in California, New Jersey, Vermont, Illinois, and Rhode Island to bring forth a constitutional amendment to end money’s corrupting influence on our political system.

Alison is now ready to orchestrate the passage of bold, progressive policies inside the halls of Congress.