Alison Hartson 2018


Politics and partisanship get in the way of solving real problems and it’s the rest of us working folk who end up holding the bag. There are two things everyone can count on when our campaign talks about an issue: 1) we’ll identify who benefits from the problem, and 2) we’ll always offer a solution – because Californians deserve no less.

Over the course of our campaign, we will offer practical, common sense, and bold solutions because it’s not nearly enough to resist, we must persist, by offering up innovative answers to our most pressing issues.



Every day, 27 million Americans go without healthcare coverage, one incident away from financial ruin. The U.S. spends nearly three times more for healthcare but with some of the worst outcomes. And who benefits? Healthcare companies who have spent over $200 million dollars lobbying our government in 2017 alone.

It’s time to end the destruction of American healthcare by rapacious, price gouging, for-profit, private health insurance middlemen. We need single payer, medicare-for-all because every single person deserves to live a healthy, prosperous life.



In the richest country in the world, those of us who have a whole lot less pay a whole lot more than the wealthiest 1%. With this recent tax giveaway, 83% of the tax cuts went to the richest 1% of the nation.

The corporate tax rate just received the biggest reduction in history, from 35 to 21 percent, while working families end up with less. No corporation should ever pay less in taxes than an individual. No stock investor should ever pay less than a home-care worker.

We need basic and common-sense tax reform, like expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit. We need to study ideas like universal basic income and job guarantee programs as a more cost-effective solution to welfare. Make no mistake about it, the battle for ethical tax reform is not over.

California deserves a Senator who will ensure that this massive corporate giveaway is temporary.



11 million undocumented people live as our neighbors. These are hard-working people trying to live the American dream like the rest of us. Each year, they pay $26 billion dollars in state, local and social security taxes. Instead of disrupting our economy and tearing families apart, let’s develop a moral and economically smart immigration policy.

We need comprehensive immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship for all who earn it.

California deserves a senator who stands with all Americans–documented and undocumented alike.



America is beginning to wake up to the realities that women face each day. But for too many of us, educational videos around consent are not enough.

Women make up 52% of the population, but only 20% of Congress. Today, women represent the majority of the workforce, yet Latina women make 52 cents on the dollar, African American women 64 cents, white women 79.

It’s not enough to say that we support women. Real equality means reproductive choice and access; it means comprehensive paid family leave. It means reintroducing and passing the Equal Rights Amendment.

California deserves a senator who will filibuster ALL anti-choice judicial nominees.



By the time a student enters kindergarten, much of their future has already been determined. U.S. childcare costs an average of $11 thousand per year, per child. Too often, the expense of early childhood education is beyond the reach of working families.

When our kids finally do make it to school, the lack of early investment can be seen in our rankings: 38th in the world in math and 24th in Science. We must invest in our children from birth. The cost of not doing so will continue to be seen in our hospitals, streets, and prisons.

We need comprehensive paid family leave and a childcare system that starts when parents return to work.

California deserves a Senator who will fight for our kids from cradle to college.



If Alabama taught us anything, it’s that when people show up, change happens.

Voting is the foundation of our democracy and it should be free, fair and accessible for all citizens. In the past decade, we’ve experienced a wave of laws including registration restrictions, early voting cutbacks and strict photo ID requirements, making it harder for citizens to vote.

We must end voter suppression and ensure that everyone who is entitled to vote, can vote. It’s time for mandated federal laws like automatic registration, early voting and guaranteed leave from work to exercise your right to vote.

California deserves a senator who will lead the charge to give power back to the people, starting with access to the ballot box.



When it comes to climate change, the problem is both real and urgent. In the midst of a warming planet with rising sea levels, our economic security is staring us in the face.

The future of jobs is in renewable energy. It’s time to stop handing out welfare subsidies to polluting industries of today, and start investing in the sustainable resources of tomorrow. Clean tech solutions available right now can provide 80 percent of America’s energy needs.

Let’s think big, be bold. Rather than increase our military budget, let’s redirect those funds into education and renewable energy.

Climate change must be treated with the seriousness that it deserves. This isn’t just about economics and conservation. It’s also about our national security.



In the last five years, we’ve had 272 school shootings. With nearly 40,000 gun deaths a year, it’s clear that the laws we have today aren’t working.

There’s a growing epidemic of gun violence in this country and the proliferation of guns isn’t about freedom - it’s about money. It’s about a $50 billion-dollar gun manufacturing industry.

We need common sense policies that everyone, including gun owners, can agree with, like strengthening background checks. We need responsible licensing, skills exams and insurance for guns, just like we do for car ownership.

California deserves a senator who’s ready to address the heart of gun violence.



A government that is owned by corporations and the wealthiest 1% is not a democratic society.

In 2016, $6.8 billion was spent on federal elections, shutting out nearly everyone except the wealthy and well-connected.

The U.S. Supreme Court has effectively legalized bribery, but Congress can no longer be the playground of the rich and powerful. Americans deserve free and fair elections - free from the corrupting influence of big money donors and fair enough that anyone can run for office, not just the wealthy elite.

It’s time for a U.S. constitutional amendment to take our democracy back from the brink of oligarchy. It’s time for publicly funded elections to replace privately funded elections so that candidates and legislators can focus on their constituents and legislation instead of spending 40-70% of their time fundraising.

California deserves a senator who is not beholden to big money special interests, which is why our campaign is not taking a dime of corporate PAC money.