Alison Hartson 2018

Democrats at War

RE-Casper-March-Against-White-Supremacy-8.jpgAlready under pressure from the party’s liberal wing, California Senator Dianne Feinstein will now face at least one primary opponent ahead of the 2018 midterms, after progressive outfit Justice Democrats announced the candidacy of former school teacher Alison Hartson.

Hartson is the national director of Wolf PAC, a group that aims to end corporations’ political influence. She claimed that Feinstein is part of the problem, not the solution.

“I'm sick and tired of waiting for this corrupt establishment to fix itself,” Hartson said in a press release announcing her candidacy. “It's simply not going to happen. We can't expect change from people like Dianne Feinstein who helped to create this corrupt system. We can't wait for some progressive ideas to happen 20 years from now. We need a democracy that works for people and we need it now.”

Democrats at War: Bernie Sanders Supporters Announce Dianne Feinstein Primary Challenger, Tell Her to Join GOP

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